Willenbrock Baltic OÜ

We specialise in the sale, rental and maintenance of heavy machinery.

We sell, rent, maintain and repair forklift trucks, storage equipment,  container lift trucks, shunters, side loaders, counterbalanced forklift trucks, storage shelves and additional equipment for forklift trucks. We also sell spare parts, batteries and battery chargers for all forklift truck brands.

Our main partners are Linde, Konecranes, Terberg, Logitrans, Bito, Dimos, Bulmor, Aerolift and  Linde Hydraulics. We sell new as well as used machines.

Our company was established 23 January 2007.

Since then we have gained a great deal of experience and are a well-known and recognised partner in the field of material handling equipment in Estonia.


If you expect a machine to fulfil the following requirements…

  • reasonable life-cycle costs
  • long-term spare-parts support
  • extensive service life
  • high level of safety
  • ergonomic construction
  • reliability and cost efficiency

…then the material handling equipment in our range possesses all of these qualities and will secure you long-term cost savings.
We offer professional advice upon the purchasing of equipment as well as thereafter.
We guarantee competent and reliable after-sales service and the prompt delivery of spare parts.

Spare parts, maintenance and repair of forklift trucks, storage equipment and shunters

Telephone: +372 622 8953
Mobile: +372 5331 1619
We respond to e-mail messages from 9:00-17:00 Monday to Friday.

The maintenance and repair of forklift trucks is performed by certified professionals who have all of the spare parts and technical resources they need.

Our spare parts team will do everything in their power to help minimise the downtime of your equipment.

  • Rapid response to all requests
  • Spare-part installation on your premises
  • 100% original spare parts
  • Service advice from professional experts
  • We also sell batteries and battery chargers.

We are happy to answer any questions you have!