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Forklift rental

Individual and Flexible Solutions

Facing a seasonal peak, an urgent situation, or outdated equipment that can't keep up? In such cases, the solution might be renting a new or lightly used machine. Our offered short-term and long-term rental service becomes a reliable partner for businesses. You can be confident that a high-quality and state-of-the-art forklift, the necessary warehouse equipment, or the desired stacker is ready and waiting.

Quality and Performance

For handling large volumes of operations, reliable equipment tailored to the company's usage conditions is necessary. Whether it's electric forklifts, internal combustion engine forklifts, tow tractors, side loaders, stackers, or any other desired machinery – Willenbrock Baltic OÜ's rental fleet always meets the highest technological standards. Qualified maintenance technicians regularly inspect and service the vehicles in the rental fleet according to rigorous quality standards

Rental types:
  • Short-term:

    Short-term rental is typically used for addressing temporary increases in workload or various short-term tasks. It provides a convenient solution in situations where there is a temporary need for additional equipment, such as during periods of increased production, loading, or other activities that require extra lifting capacity. Additionally, short-term rental can be used when a company's own equipment, such as a forklift, is undergoing maintenance or major repairs, and an alternative solution is required to continue operations during that period.

  • Long-term:

    The duration of long-term rental starts from one year and continues until the specified term in the rental agreement. This service is primarily used by companies with a long-term or ongoing need for a forklift. In the case of long-term rental, the rental payment is a fixed cost that can be budgeted for the entire rental period.

    The rental price of the forklift includes insurance, regular maintenance, and repairs due to normal wear and tear. With long-term rental, you can choose from multiple service packages. These different packages determine the conditions under which servicing will take place and which additional part costs (forks, batteries, tires) are included in the rental price. For your needs, we can order a new rental forklift or provide a suitable forklift from our rental fleet. 

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