Privacy policy

1. Definitions

1.1. Personal data – any information related to identified or identifiable data about an physical individuaal (hereinafter in lower case);

1.2. Processing of personal data – any operation concering the processing of personal data or sets of personal data;

1.3. Client – a physical person who visits the Website;

1.4. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ – Willenbrock Baltic OÜ, registry code 11341282;

1.5. Terms & Conditions – terms and conditions for processing of personal data;

1.6. Chief processor – Willenbrock Baltic OÜ;

1.7. Website – Willenbrock Baltic OÜ website –;

1.8. Authorized processor – physical or legal person, public sector institution, agency or other body that processes personal data on behalf of Willenbrock Baltic OÜ.

2. General

2.1. The terms and conditions decsribe the terms and conditions of personal data processing by Willenbrock Baltic OÜ. The protection of the customer’s data is important for Willenbrock Baltic OÜ, therefore Willenbrock Baltic OÜ processes personal data only if there is a legal basis and for legitimate purposes, ensuring the security and protection of personal data.

2.2. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ has the right to unilaterally change the Terms by giving one (1) month’s notice via website or in any other way, for examply by e-mail. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ will always announce upcoming changes.

3. Purposes of processing and legal basis

3.1. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ processes personal data for the purpose of concluding, executing and enforcing a cotnract with the Customer in order to (i) prepare for concluding a contract with the Customer, (ii) fulfill the contract concluded with the Customer, (iii). mediate the sale of goods, including (iv) ensuring smooth settlement, (v) ensure the protection of the rights of Willenbrock Baltic OÜ in the event of a dispuute, and (vii) provide the Client with information related to the agreement.

3.2. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ processes personal data for the purpose of fulfilling obligations arising from legislationn in order to (i) ensure the protectionn of rights related to personal data, (ii) retain personal data for the fulfillment of obligations arising from legislation and (iii) perform any other obligations arising from legislation.

3.3. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ processes personal data with the consent of the Client in order tos end the Client newsletters and other information about the activities and special offers of Willenbrock Baltic OÜ. The customer may waive the above at any time.

3.4. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ uses security cameras to protect people and property. Security cameras only monintor a specific area and what is happening there. Surveillance cameras do not record sound or monitor specific people. Security cameras are installed on the exterior walls and interiors in Willenbrock Baltic OÜ buildings and they transmit a real-time image, creating recordings from it.

3.5. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ uses cookies on the Website. Cookies are small blocks of data in text form that are stored in a web browser or on the Client’s device when visiting the Website. Some cookies are linked to the Website (so-called first-party cookies), in addition we also use third-party cookies. Cookies are necessary to ensure the correct functioning of the website, in addition, they make the use of the Website more convenient for the Customer. For example, cookies enable the Customer to remember the Customer’s preferences and collect data on the Customer’s use of the Website, enabling the Customer to provide personalized content and providing input for the preparation of analyzes and statistics. The information available to Willenbrock Baltic OÜ through cookies cannot be associated with any specific physical person.

3.6. In order to restrict, prohibit or delete cookies stored by the Website, the Customer can read the settings of his / her web browser. Restricting or disabling cookies may affect the proper functioning of the Website.

3.7. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ is obliged to ask the Client for consent to process the Client’s personal data for purposes not provided in the Terms.

4. Composition of personal data

4.1. In order to achieve the purposes set out in the Terms, Willenbrock Baltic OÜ needs to process some or all of the following personal data: (i) name, (ii) e-mail address, (iii) telephone number, (iv) current account number, (v) copies of customer communications, (vi) data related to security camera recordings, (vii) Data related to cookies on the Website and (viii) information collected in fulfillment of legal obligations. The exact composition of the personal data processed is different in each case. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ always proceeds from the principle that as little as possible data is processed that is necessary to achieve the intended purpose.

5. Disclosure and transfer of personal data

5.1. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ has the right to disclose and transfer personal data to Authorized Processors in order to fulfill its obligations arising from legislation without prior consent. In order to protect its rights, Willenbrock Baltic OÜ has the right to disclose personal data to third parties, including legal aid providers, auditors, persons engaged in debt collection etc.

6. Retention of personal data

6.1. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ retains personal data for as long as it is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes described here, for the protection of the rights of Willenbrock Baltic OÜ or for the fulfillment of obligations arising from legislation.

6.2. Surveillance camera recordings are stored for up to 30 days, after which the recordings are automatically overwritten.

7. Rights of the data subject

7.1. Pursuant to the legislation, the Customer has the right to (i) request information from Willenbrock Baltic. OÜ about the processing of the Customer’s personal data and in certain cases demand (ii) correction, (iii) deletion, (iv) restriction of processing or (v) objection. If Willenbrock Baltic OÜ processes the Customer’s personal data on the basis of content, (vi) the Customer may withdraw the consent at any time, in which case Willenbrock Baltic OÜ will terminate the processing of personal data. This does not affect previous processing operations. Willenbrock Baltic OÜ will respond to the customer’s inquiries as soon as possible, taking into account the deadlines arising from legislation.


8.1. In case of additional questions, suggestions and complaints concerning the Client’s personal data, the Client has the right to contact Willenbrock Baltic OÜ as the chief processor (Willenbrock Baltic OÜ; Uus-Ringi tee 11, Jüri alevik, Rae vald 75301, Harjumaa, Estonia; or Data Protection Inspectorate (; tel 627 4135; additional information).

8.2. If there is a breach related to the Customer’s data that is likely to endanger the Customer’s rights and freedoms, Willenbrock Baltic OÜ shall notify the Data Protection Inspectorate and the Customer immediately within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach, unless otherwise provided by an applicable law.

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