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Konecranes, a pioneer in the field of material handling and lifting solutions, is at the forefront of modern industrial innovation. Konecranes has a significant impact on the development of efficient global logistics, as the company is constantly committed to improving the handling of containers and the movement of materials in various terminal environments.

Konecranes is a rapidly growing manufacturer of lifting equipment, focusing on the development of comprehensive solutions to meet the complex requirements of material handling. The company specializes in custom design, precise manufacturing, and the supply of a wide range of forklifts and equipment specifically designed for the handling of containers and "heavy duty" goods in challenging environments. The entire industry recognizes Konecranes' forklifts, which stand out for their outstanding performance, easy maintenance, and longer lifespan.

However, Konecranes' role extends beyond that of a mere equipment supplier. In addition to hardware, the company orchestrates a symphony of solutions. All solutions designed and offered by Konecranes include maintenance plans, the provision of essential spare parts, high-tech software, remote monitoring capabilities, and top-level diagnostics. These built-in components work together to ensure that every activity associated with Konecranes' equipment is safe and productive.


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