Reach Stacker

Specialized heavy-duty vehicles called reach stackers are mostly utilized in ports, shipping yards, and logistical facilities. Within these spaces, they fulfill the vital function of effectively stacking and transporting shipping containers. Reach stackers can lift and position containers in a variety of configurations, both horizontally and vertically, thanks to its hydraulic lifting mechanism and telescoping boom. They can stack containers precisely in rows, load and unload them from vehicles, and arrange them in storage yards due to their versatility. They are crucial for optimizing container storage, accelerating cargo handling, and improving the overall logistical operations in port and shipping settings due to their sturdy design and great lifting capability.

We at Willenbrock Baltic OÜ are supporters of sustainable technologies. With features that reduce fuel use and lessen harmful emissions, the Konecranes Reach stacker is a symbol of our dedication to sustainability.

Places of use:
  • Reach Stackers for container handling

    Konecranes reach stackers 10- 46 tons are at their best while working at a rapid pace in container ports and intermodal terminals with limited area to maneuver, having been refined through the wisdom and experience of more than 50 years in the industry.

  • Reach Stackers for intermodal handling

    For intermodal handling, we have a strong selection of reach stackers that are perfect for loading and unloading across many tracks. These stackers have huge lifting capacity, a long wheelbase, and great mobility despite their size. Combi attachments are available for them, allowing the truck to lift trailers and containers from both the top and bottom.

  • Reach Stackers for industrial handling 

    The most demanding industrial handling applications are ideal for Konecranes industrial reach stackers. Do you need to handle specific materials, weighing 35 to 80 tons, in an industrial setting where operating effectiveness and safety must be maintained? 

    Konecranes reach stackers for industrial application are created especially for the settings in which they operate. In firms where material handling is a significant manufacturing cost, their adaptability and agility enable you to cut back on transportation expenses. 

  • Reach Stackers for Barge handling

    High lifting capacity, excellent reach, and unrivaled flexibility are all features of Konecranes reach stackers for barge handling. Despite being built specifically for handling barges, they are incredibly adaptable and capable of tackling a variety of different material handling tasks.




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