Diesel counterbalance forklift

Diesel forklifts

Diesel counterbalance forklifts provide an unrivaled solution for a wide range of material handling requirements, presenting a number of advantages that set them apart from electric models.These forklifts stand out for their high lifting power and sturdy durability, making them an excellent choice for applications demanding large weight capabilities and reliable performance. They are crucial for applications with strict weight requirements since they can handle bigger weights and bulkier goods with ease. Diesel counterbalance forklifts excel in operating efficiency in addition to outstanding capabilities. They readily adapt to multi-shift operations because to their extended operating hours and rapid refueling durations, ensuring minimum downtime when compared to electric alternatives, which frequently struggle with longer charging periods. 

Diesel forklifts flourish in outdoor environments due to their versatility. Their ability to handle uneven terrain and thrive in outdoor situations makes them extremely useful for outside operations like construction, lumber yards, and agricultural applications, where electric models may be limited. Diesel forklifts are capable of withstanding difficult environments. They are designed to survive harsh environments and exhibit reliable performance in heavy industries, displaying robust construction and unshakable constancy in the face of difficulty. In terms of financial appeal, diesel forklifts remain a popular choice. They are a more affordable option than electric alternatives thanks to their lower initial operations cost, enabling enterprises to obtain great lifting capacities without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, the ease of recharging increases the utility of diesel forklifts. This eliminates the need for sophisticated charging infrastructure, which is sometimes associated with electric versions, resulting in more streamlined operations and more versatility.

Advantages of Linde diesel forklift trucks over the competition:

  • Wide Load Capacity Range: Linde's diesel forklifts offer a versatile load capacity that ranges from 1.4 to 18 tonnes, catering to a variety of industrial needs.
  • High Productivity: These forklifts are capable of transporting enormous loads in continuous operation, even under the most challenging conditions.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Linde designs its diesel forklifts for maximum handling performance with minimal fuel consumption.
  • Low Operating Costs: Linde's diesel forklifts are designed to consume relatively little fuel and require minimal servicing.
  • Maintenance-Free Hydrostatic System: Linde's hydrostatic system reduces the need for a maintenance-intensive braking system.
  • Hydrostatic Drive: Linde incorporates hydrostatic drive technology to enable precise and rapid maneuvering in any situation.
  • Linde Load Control: This feature allows operators to control the forklift’s working and auxiliary hydraulics using two joysticks integrated into the armrests.
  • Heavy-Duty Models: For applications requiring maximum power, Linde offers models capable of transporting up to 18 tonnes.
  • Low Emissions: Linde's diesel forklifts comply with the Euro 5 emissions standard.
  • Robust Construction: Linde ensures that the robust construction of their diesel forklifts provides optimal driver protection and visibility.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems: Linde includes a variety of mechanical and electrical systems to enhance safety.


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