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Pallet Trucks

A wide selection of pallet trucks from Linde Material Handling reinvent the way products are moved, providing great efficiency and precision even in the tightest places. Our Pallet Trucks are built to excel in swift procedures over short distances, ensuring that your material handling operations continue to run at their full efficiency despite the difficulties posed by confined loading bays, steep ramps, and small aisles.

Diverse Lifting Capacity: Linde offers a wide selection of Pallet Trucks and Pallet Lift Trucks with lifting capacities ranging from 500 to 3,300 kg. This versatility caters to a variety of material handling requirements across different industries.

Enhanced Controls: Our Pallet Trucks come with a range of control options, including joystick, 360-degree, and tiller systems, tailored to different handling tasks. Operators can handle the trucks with precision and sensitivity, ensuring streamlined operations.

Agile Maneuverability: Our Pallet Trucks boast compact and precise steering systems, enabling agile maneuvering in even the most restricted environments. With Linde's Pallet Trucks, performing complex maneuvers becomes effortless, optimizing your productivity.

Tailored Options: We offer a variety of customizable options for our Pallet Trucks, including forks of different lengths, polyurethane tires for noise reduction, load protection backrests, cold store protection, and more. This ensures that your Pallet Truck perfectly suits your specific operational needs.


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